About us

Welcome to MyRally.ie Sport Photography.

We are professional photographers with over 5 years experience in rally and sport photography, based in Dublin.

MyRally.ie has been formed in 2009 by Dariusz Raduszewski and Michal Paruch.

From the outset in 2009 / 2010, we have and will continue to cover all the most important rally events in Ireland.
With the group of four professional photographers at the moment, we are available to cover any event using the latest digital technology.

We support magazines, websites, motor clubs and other organizations with high quality images.

Some examples of our work can be found on this website along with contact details should you require our services.

e-mail: info@myrally.ie
video production email: video4u1@gmail.com


+353 (0) 86 379 6763 (Dariusz)
+353 (0) 85 123 7526 (Michal)

Thanks for visiting our website!

See you on the stages!